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Catholic Craft Kits packed with Saints, Seasons, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer

Checkout our Cathletics Craft Kits, packed with Saints, (Catholic) Seasons, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer! Click on a Craft Kit to read more about it in its Featured Post!

SAINTS Craft Kits

Packed with Kelly SaintsTM illustrations, these craft kits introduce our favorite heroes of our Faith into family life, classic games, Catholic crafts and research projects.

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Catholic Stamps for Planners and Prayer Journals, Catholic Crafts and Snail Mail!

I’ve added some new stamps in the shop!

With our own custom Super Saints artwork for over 60 Saints, I’m pleased to be able to add new Saints Stamps to the shop as they are requested by customers. I was happy to include the St Benedict medal graphic behind St Benedict’s head. It almost looks like a very specialized halo.

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Cathletics Craft Kits: Up Close! {Prayer Journal Prompts}

The Prayer Journal Prompts Special Bundle Craft Kit features a collection of 7 pages of prompts, prayers and check-box novena templates to customize your own Prayer Journal or Planner…or unique Prayer Bullet Journal! Prayers and Novenas are illustrated with Kelly SaintsTM.

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NEW! Prayer Board Craft Kit!

At our Parish, we have a travel-size Our Lady of Fatima handed from family to family each day of the month, encouraging families to pray the Rosary together. It’s a great opportunity to prompt family prayer and draw parishioners together!

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Equipping Catholic Families with a NEW Hands-On Prayer-packed Craft Kit for LENT!

So, even though I have 50 Cathletics Craft Kits in my Arma Dei Shoppe, it’s hard to believe that I don’t actually have one craft kit dedicated to LENT!  Well, that is, until NOW!

Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers

This craft kit focuses mainly on the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and offers more inventive ways to get kids hands-on praying! Prayers are counted as beads are colored or laced up with a shoelace! Our Super Saints illustrations are kid-friendly and enticing and help to focus our prayers just a little bit more! Plus, they’re just fun to look at!

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Prayer Journal Prompts: Our First Ever Craft Kit…for Catholic Women!

We’re so excited to give you a sneak peek at our new…

Heart to Heart with Jesus:

Prayer Journal Prompts Craft Kit

Our first Cathletics Craft Kit designed for Catholic Women…and really anyone in the 14+ crowd who might like to prayer journal

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Advent Prayer Pockets: NEW Cathletics Craft Kit!

Add Advent Prayer Pockets to your Advent celebrations this year!

Add prayerful focus to your Advent Calendar, Mealtime Prayer, Family Time…or keep the perfect Advent prayers handy when you light your Advent Wreath!

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Welcome NCEA Visitors! Check out our Catechism, Sacrament, Saints, Mass and Prayer Catholic Crafts!

We are attending the National Catholic Education Conference this week! Please drop by Booth 322!

Thank-you for supporting our family apostolate. Please respect the copyright of this material. With your purchase, you are welcome to download, save and print this document for one classroom (for one term) or for all the kids who live in your house.

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A Customized Prayer Journal

…as unique as your Confirmandi

I have been making these custom Prayer Journals for my favorite Confirmation candidates this year!

Now with my NEW Vinyl Stickers, I can customize the colorful faux leather journals with their Confirmation Saint (or favorite patron Saint),
specially-chosen illustrated classic Catholic prayers from our Prayer Journal Craft Kits,  and a simple How to Prayer Journal intro.

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Equipping Catholic Families with Lent Craft Kits

The Lent Challenge Calendar

The LENT CHALLENGE Calendar Craft Kit offers black and white templates to help you GIVE, PRAY and LOVE through the days of Lent (year after year!), with: TWO different sized Calendar templates with lots of options and reminders and easily customized to YOUR FAMILY:
Give+Pray+Love LENT CHALLENGE Calendar PDF Download: $10

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