Super Saints Card Game: NEW!

I have been working on this for a while, but I’m excited to launch these new Saint cards just in time for All Saints Day! 

I just love the Saints and I’m always looking for fun ways to help my kids learn about them.
I made an earlier DIY version of these cards with images I found online, but now I have my own saint images…of the Wooden Painted Saints I keep telling you about!

I think the Holy Traders cards are great…but I wanted to see a more standardized format to make them easier to play with: like the ever-popular collector cards that become available whenever a new brand of characters become available…remember Pokemon?  I escaped that one, but I know that there have been many types of collector cards over the years.  Each have had stats to compare and contrast.

How about presenting the SAINTS through the ever-popular collector card format?
Real-life models of virtue…holy heroes who we can adopt as our family patron saints!

So far, the first installment includes 18 favorite saints.  I fully intend to add to this set, but given that I am painting the little wooden saints by hand for the images, this could take a while!

While I am really enjoying the process of painting the Saints and researching their profiles, it’s alot of work!  While I do offer many FREE printables to subscribers of Equipping Catholic Families and Arma Dei facebook “likers”, this Super Saints Printable, complete with printing instructions and rules of play is available for $5. 

THREE FUN ways to get familiar with the SAINTS! 
Rules are included within this printable.

I hope that those who have enjoyed our FREE Guess Who?! The Saints! Template, the FREE Scrapbooking the Sacraments Template and our FREE Monthly Saint pages, along with any of our Arma Dei Cathletics Craft Kits, Catechism quizzing cards or Catholic books, will consider making this investment of $5 to help us continue offering Catholic teaching tools and gifts.

Super Saints Cards Template PDF
Downloadable PDF version

Price: $5 U.S.

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Publisher: Arma Dei (2012)

Language: English

Product Dimension: 8.5″x11″


3 full color pages for front and back printing of 18 Saint cards
1 full color page of cards with instructions to play
1 full color page of instructions for printing the cards


  1. Wow,
    What a great way for kids to learn while they play, imitate what they see and love God more and more! Great job Monica.

  2. These are awesome. Thanks for linking them to my Our Favorite Things Link Party. I’ll be getting a set of theses.

  3. Just had to share what one of my customers said (hope she doesn’t mind!): “It inspired me, to go ahead and buy them so I can paint the matching peg saints for my great niece/god-daughter with the card as a Christmas gift. I can’t help it, I love your stuff.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity.”

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