Super Saints

Are you ready for All Saints Day? 54 Saint Cards  + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and often quantifiable facts and a short biography. They can be played in a number of ways including Super Saints Showdown (Top TrumpsTM) Super Saints Stats (Flashcards) HedbanzTM Get a second set and play Go Fish!, Old Maid, Memory/Matching, or Sorting games! Get the Super Saints Craft Read more [...]

Feast Day Fun: Our Lady of the Rosary!

Feast Day Crafts and Activities Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO). October 7th is the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary ...and the whole MONTH of October is dedicated to the Rosary! There are lots of fun ways to celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary...first and foremost, reciting the Rosary with your family or parish or school community! The Living Rosary Read more [...]

The Monasteries of Ireland

This is part of our Distinguished and Limited Edition Books for the Home Library selection available at Equipping Catholic Families.   The Monasteries of Ireland by Dr. R. Gerald Guest leads us through a written and photographic record of Christian monastic communities of the Emerald Isle beginning in the fifth century. Stories and pictures of hundreds of locations and their remains demonstrate unique elements of the impact of Christianity over the centuries. A perfect resource Read more [...]

The Healing Saints of Medicine

The Healing Saints of Medicine by Dr. R. Gerald Guest explores the development of traditions of sainthood through the ages and documents the saints connected to healing and to the medical profession. Fascinating histories of various saints serve to explain their association with various illnesses, and to the devotions which developed over time. Appendices present quick reference lists of saints and their connections to specific diseases and other invocations. $24.95US + $13 shipping     Email Read more [...]

Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed!

  Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Every Dragon Slayer's Guide to the Bible by Sir Wyvern Pugilist As a young boy, Sir Wyvern Pugilist joined the Secret Order of Dragon Slayers, mastering the arts and practices of defeating all species of malicious dragon-monsters. Through his famed Dragon Slayers, he's been successfully training new generations of young Slayers to do the same. Now he's back - with his long-anticipated advanced course. In Secrets of the Ancient Manual Revealed! Read more [...]

The Dragon Slayer Handbook

Dragon Slayers by Sir Wyvern Pugilist This book is the definitive guide to slaying the dragons of vice and sin, following the Chief Dragon Slayer Himself (Jesus) and consulting the Ancient Manuel (the Bible). The Senior Dragon Slayers of Old (Saints) avail themselves as dignified mentors for the Dragon Slayer apprentice (you) on this virtuous quest. This is a well-written, witty and imaginative book, the “How To Slay a Dragon” guide for faithful Christian pilgrims, as they courageously Read more [...]

Meeting Families at WorldMeetingofFamilies 2015

I'm finally getting the chance to reflect on our big road trip last week to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families was a vendor in the Expo Hall, sharing a booth with our awesome new friends, the Little Douglings! With three of our five kids in high school or University(!), we decided to take only the two youngest...and we had a great time! While we thoroughly enjoyed tracking Pope Francis and getting to know him better through his translated talks Read more [...]

Cross Stitch Saints: St Therese!

My friend Nancy at Do Small Things with Love has created 36 Catholic Saint Cross Stitch patterns and has invited a troop of crafty kids to make them...including my 9 year old Bridget! In advance of our road trip to #worldmeetingoffamilies, I printed off  the St Thérèse Cross Stitch pattern from Nancy's site and made my own travel kit for Bridget to get started on, in the van. Together, we made St Thérèse ! I resisted the urge to rip out the not-so-perfect first cross stitches of Read more [...]

Unpacking from World Meeting of Families!

We attended the World Meeting of Families with just two of our kids...but our #WorldMeetingofFamilies got cut short! The Secret Service closed the Vendor Hall down a DAY EARLY for the safety and security of Pope Francis! We're extending our #WMOF deals, hosting the Virtual 4th Day of Expo here at Equipping Catholic Families for not only #WMOF attendees ...but for EVERYONE who wished they could have been there! Come and take a look! Buy TWO decks...get a THIRD DECK FREE!   Buy Read more [...]

#WMOF Virtual 4th Day of Expo

Not sure if you heard! The Secret Service closed down the #WorldMeetingofFamilies Expo a DAY EARLY for the safety of Pope Francis! We're happy to take a hit for the Holy Father, but we are hearing from sad #WMOF attendees who were planning to return to our booth on Friday to purchase our Catholic books, craft kits and quizzing cards! We've decided to host a Virtual 4th Day of Expo here at Equipping Catholic Families and extend our Expo deals to everyone...including those eagerly watching Read more [...]
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