Super Saint Saturday

We're combining Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday into our SUPER SAINT SATURDAY help you celebrate the SAINTS as we close off this Liturgical Year in time for ADVENT on Sunday!   Use Code SuperSaintSaturday to get $10 OFF your purchase of 3 Cathletics Craft Kits! You can pick from ANY of our over 30 Catholic Printables... including Calendar Saint Stickies and Adjustable Liturgical Calendar added in the last two weeks! You haven't seen anything like 'em! and Read more [...]

Shopping Catholic for Christmas!

Catholic Stocking Stuffers! Gifts for Godchildren! Sacrament Gifts! 54 Saint Cards + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box! These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and quantifiable facts and a short biography. The only SAINTS CARDS you can play REAL CARD GAMES with!   Save on SHIPPING from Canada when you purchase THREE decks at a time! See 1-, 2- and 3-deck Add to Cart buttons below. 1 deck = $12 + $6 shipping = $18US Use Read more [...]

Gold for the Shoes

I know that American Thanksgiving is this Thursday, followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday...and I'll probably have some special deals posted on our Cathletics Craft Kits...but HOLD ON! The Feast of St Nicholas will be here before we know it...and don't you want something AWESOME to fill up those shoes!? We're so excited about how Project: Super Saints went a few months ago and the response to this awesome deck of 54 Kelly Saints SUPER SAINTS quizzing cards Read more [...]

Ready for Advent?

The Feast of Christ the King (one of my favorite Feast Days!) marks the last Sunday of the Liturgical Calendar...Advent starts NEXT WEEK! The Jubilee Year dedicated to the theme of Mercy begins shortly after that, on December 8th! I finally made my own family set of Jesse Tree ornaments, thanks to Faith and Fabric's Jen Frost and her awesome new Our Family’s Jesse Tree printable. I originally intended to make them out of construction paper and laminate them, but Jen’s awesome Read more [...]

Miniature Painted Saints

If you've been hanging out here at Equipping Catholic Families, you'll know that I've been creating little painted saints for quite some time and have come up with all sorts of ways to play with them! I've got quite the gallery of them now between my original painted saints and the Decoupage Saints I made with the help of Catholic Icing's Printables. I like working with the 1.75" pegs. Besides the fact that they. are. adorable., these little pegs are perfect size for play in Lego, the Fisher Read more [...]

461 Saint Stickies: Original Catholic Artwork for your Calendar, Planner or Journal!

Last week, I released our new craft kit, the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar. It can be used year after year, and it comes with these awesome original-artwork Saint Stickies to customize the Liturgical Calendar. I'm getting such a kick out of having the Kelly Saints hanging out on my regular Mom's Fridge Calendar, that I decided to expand the line of Saint Stickies (to 461 stickers!) to convert regular fridge or wall calendars, homeschool or blogger planners, Spiritual Journals or diaries ...with Read more [...]

No Royalty-Free, Paid or Generic Clipart has been used in the Making of these Products

I like creating Catholic craft kits, books and quizzing cards, but I'm a little bit old school. I create all my own artwork...or I personally make digital images of my daughter Kelly's original sketches. See those social media button over on the right? I made them.  See the Painted Saints or Kelly Saints pics? Yup, made them too. The badges, the buttons, the logos. Those too. Yes, it's time consuming...but it's a bit of a passion...and aren't they awesome? This way...when you Read more [...]

All Souls Day

Yup, we dropped the ball on All Souls' Day this year... Good thing the door is open until November 8th for full plenary indulgences just for going to the cemetery and praying for the dead. Actually the whole month of November is devoted to All we can keep our special crafts and traditions honoring our deceased loved ones...all month long! Kendra did an awesome post about Praying for the Dead with Children at Catholic All Year. You'll want to read this and Praying for the Dead Read more [...]

A Jumpstart on the Jesse Tree!

I was honored to receive Jen's new 85-page ebook Our Family's Jesse Tree for review! I have over the last few years participated in a Jesse Tree Ornament swap, received these awesome Jesse Tree Treasures and made my own Handprint Jesse Tree Banner (which can also be used throughout Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time with other ornaments or Saint tokens!) Truth be told, when I received the Jesse Tree kit, I was expecting to make them with construction paper and laminate them ...or find Read more [...]

NEW Craft Kit: Adjustable Liturgical Calendar!

The 2015-2016 Liturgical Calendar starts fresh in 27 days! Have you ever tried to teach the concept of the Liturgical Calendar or wished that you had an easy way see it in ONE glance? I've always eyed those circular Liturgical Calendar posters (like this:  Year of Grace 2016 Poster Calendar) ...and now with Kelly Saints Comics, I have created an Adjustable Liturgical Calendar for use year after year, with 72 unique and awesome Kelly Saints Stickies to tailor the calendar with each family's Read more [...]
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