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Sacrament Gift Boy

Looking for a last minute Sacrament Gift? Worried that the child will receive another Rosary or a Missal?

We’re pretty sure they haven’t seen these Catholic gifts!

Special Sacrament Bundle!

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SuperHero Party 2016

capes and masks

There were capes and masks…

…and an Assessment Centre made from a Fridge Box. Our local Appliance Store graciously supplies appliance boxes for birthday parties!

The Assessment Centre has an impressive Retinal Scan, Handprint and Fingerprint Scans, Voice Recognition (microphone), Photo Booth and Height Measurement

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Month of May ~ Month of Mary

Month of May

Can you believe it? The Month of May starts this Sunday! May is devoted to Our Lady…so here’s a quick little showcase of Mary and Rosary crafts!

Our oversized wood bead Rosary is always a hit at the conferences we attend. This is a pretty simple craft made with wooden beads, a wooden cross and a wooden heart, acrylic paint and mod podge…and it’s one of the favorites in our book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families!

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Saint Scripts ONE

Saint Scripts One

Saint Scripts Series ONE with Kelly SaintsTM

PDF Download: $15

The Saint Scripts ONE kit includes 20 Saints (+ Jesus !) in a  little recipe card format filled with Saint stats, a full color  Kelly Saints Comics  pic and a brief biography.

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Kelly Saints Blessing Cards Kit

Blessing Cards

 Kelly SaintsTM Blessing Cards Kit

PDF Download: $15

50+page template with 14 watercolor Kelly SaintsTM  Catholic Saints greeting cards and 65 black and white interior templates for every occasion…including Catholic Feast Days and Sacraments!

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Super Cute Bible Tags: Super Cute Size!

bible tabs on DIY hardcover bible

Bible Journaling is really popular out there! We Catholics don’t have an easy option available yet (Catholic Publishers, please release a Catholic Journaling Bible soon!), so we’ve been taking matters into our own hands!

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DIY Journaling Bible

paint chips for bible journaling

Last week, I posted a picture tutorial for turning my softcover Catholic Bible into a DIY Hardcover Bible! Since there seems to be a shortage on Catholic Bibles formatted for journaling, some crafty Catholics have been transforming their Catholic Bibles into journaling Bibles by painting over the notes! That’s what I’ve been doing!

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Attainable Expectations for the Affirmation Junkie

St Francis and Jesus

I’m a bit of an affirmation junkie. I like making cool things and I like it even more when I like how they look when I’m finished…and when others tell me they like them too. It’s not a big leap to realize that I like when people like me and when they like the things that I do.

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The Play Mass Kit

Play Mass kit

The Play Mass Kit

PDF Download: $2

This kit contains itemized ordering information and special tips to compile your own wooden Play Mass Kit. Wooden pieces are purchased from a US wood company.

The Play Mass Kit offers itemized ordering information from our favorite wood company to compile your own heirloom wooden Play Mass Kit easily for about $20! Special tips are presented in a picture tutorial within the kit!

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Vintage Miniature Play Mass Set

Vintage Mass Kit

You might remember the Play Mass Kit I put together a couple weeks ago and the pictures of Adam ‘playing Mass’.

There’s even a craft kit to help you order the pieces and assemble your own wooden Mass Kit!

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